You can have your own listings displayed on your website as well as MLS® listings. They show up in different colours: 

MLS® Listings 3rd Party Listings from Other Agents/Office (Blue)

If you are subscribed to the MLS® feed option, you automatically get all the listings from your local real estate board imported to your site.

A. Because it's someone else's listing, most boards require a disclaimer as such ("Listed by RE/MAX Masters" etc.) 

B. You are not able to edit the data from the MLS® listings 

Please note: when a listing is removed form the MLS® it will automatically deleted from your website (Brixwork does not get any information whether it was sold/expired/cancelled). 

The MLS® systems often have restrictions on:

  • the length of the description
  • the number and quality/size of photos you can attach is restricted
  • embedded video tours, or PDF floor plan attachments are not available

Attention: The following information only applies if you are subscribed to our MLS® feed. Currently, this function is NOT available for Toronto clients (As per TREB restrictions).

Your OWN Listings (Green)

A. When you have a property that you are personally listing, you will want to edit your through the back-end "Add new listing" or "edit" current listing and provide details. 

B. You can import & convert an MLS® reciprocity listing as your own listing, then continue to edit. Alternatively, you can put up the listing on the website manually before it even hits the MLS®. 

C. You have the ability to add unlimited amount of descriptions, images, PDF floor plan attachments, and video tours can be linked to your listing.

Please note: 

  • Your own imported listings will not be controlled by the MLS® feed anymore (only price auto-updates if there is a change). From this point on, you the Realtor® are responsible for its content, photos, and active/sold status on your own website. 
  • If you represented the buyer in a transaction, you want to import that listing as your OWN listing as soon as possible, before it is removed from our MLS® feed. 

D. Your sold listings will show up in red.

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