If you are subscribed to our MLS® Reciprocity in regions where we offer the service, your website can feature both your OWN listings as well as MLS® feed listings.

Your own listings can be either imported from the MLS® (automatically or manually), or a listing you manually uploaded independent of the MLS® (such as exclusive listings).

1. If you are the listing agent, that MLS® listing will be automatically converted as your OWN listing

Our MLS® sync runs throughout the day to enable quicker featuring of your own websites. Any new listings under a certain agent ID that matches any of the agent IDs set will be converted as your OWN listing, and set as a FEATURED listing by default.

The auto-import based on agent ID does not work in the TREB MLS® region due to lack of agent IDs provided in the reciprocity data feed, and is out of Brixwork's control. You can still import your listing as your own easily with the MLS® Number.

You can then edit the listing with full control, and enhance its appearance for the best performance: 

The enhancements that our system allows agents to perform make the content of your listing far better than the MLS® default. Listings converted as your own are protected from being overridden by the MLS® information, except the LISTING PRICE. Any changes in photos & descriptions on the MLS® are NOT applied to your own listings on your Brixwork website anymore to protect these enhancements.

When you sell the listing (woo hoo!)

When the listing sells, you must manually set the status to SOLD (or show on both if you want to keep it under the featured active listings for a while). If you brought the buyer to a successful transaction, you need to convert the MLS® listing as your own before it removes itself from the reciprocity feed.

2. You can feature any MLS® listing even if you are not the listing agent.

You can also feature listings from other agents on your local MLS® feed. These listings can be featured on your homepage and featured listings pages (the most common configuration).

Because these listings belong to another agent, you cannot make any modifications to the listing. It will update as the MLS® dictates, and remove itself when its no longer active (regardless of whether it sells, expires, or cancels).

On your HOMES list in the admin section, you can easily distinguish the status/source of each listing. 

  • Blue colour band - another agent's MLS® listing, featured on your website (RECIPROCITY LISTING).
  • Green colour band - your OWN listings, and also set as ACTIVE.
  • Blur - your OWN listings that are hidden.
  • Red colour band - SOLD listings (they must be your OWN at this point - you cannot mark listings as sold unless they are already imported as your OWN). 


Summarizing the Behaviours Between OWN listings  vs Featured MLS® listings

OWN Listings (Green or Red)

  • Once imported as own, you have full control of photos & details. 
  • No longer updates photos/details from MLS® changes, except the listing price.
  • You must set as SOLD, or REMOVE/HIDE when the time comes.


  • You can only set the display order - no other edits are possible.
  • It fully self-updates from all MLS® info changes (photos, desc, price etc.)
  • It will remove itself from your website once no longer active.