AKA What? Why should I care about this

There are two crucial elements you may want to work on to have a higher position when appearing in Google search results. 

  • Meta titles

Are the invisible titles within your page that are used to gain more visibility in the searchers. It is important that the meta title contains from 0 to 50 words and it should include the most important words of the web page. 

  • Meta description

Is a summary of the page's content and it should contain 157 characters or less. The meta description is used by Search Engines to describe the content of the website in the search results. 

How To 

Add Meta Title and a Meta Description to a Content Page

Hint: (go to your Backend!)

To manage your content pages you must go to your backend and click on “Edit Pages" tab,  select the “Content Pages" option and follow the next few steps.

1. In the content pages, you can find all your pages options (eg. home, buildings, about, marketing, contact us)  to optimize a specific page click on Edit. 

2. Now, select the SEO option and introduce the Meta Title:

3. To  add the Meta Description to your content pages you must write down a short description in the selected box:

5. Finally, to save the changes click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.