In this article we will show you how to convert an MLS® as your own. 

#1 Click on "Listings" under the tab "Manage Listings" in the dropdown menu.

#2 Here you "Add a New Listing".

You are shown two options for adding a listing. Either do it manually for which you should read the following support article:

Or to convert an MLS® number.

Type in the MLS® #. Then click on "Scan MLS®".

The following notice will show up. Now you have to click on "Convert to my Own" and you are done!

This instruction fully converts the target listing to your OWN listing, and you are responsible for marking it SOLD, or hiding it if needed. Please refer our guide on the differences between MLS® reciprocity listings and OWN listings. You should simply feature another agent's listing as a featured listing rather than import as your own if you are not the buyers' agent in a successful transaction.