When do we import a listing as my "OWN" from the MLS®?

  • If you represented the buyer in a successful sale - in most real estate boards, you can take credit for these sales as your "OWN LISTINGS" on your advertising - including your website.
  • If the auto-import of listings fails for some reason (or, if you are a member of TREB and the agent-ID based auto-import does not work due to board MLS® feed restrictions).

Converting a listing to your "OWN" not set it as a SOLD listing automatically. If/When the listing sells, please use the dropdown to mark it SOLD.

Our non-gated content license means that most Canadian real estate boards only give us active listing data. Our system is required to simply purge non-active listings without sold/expired/cancelled flags.

#1 Go to your listings section on your ADMIN panel.

#2 Click on "Add a New Listing".

#3 - Enter the MLS# of the ilsting you wish to convert as your OWN:

Then click on "Scan MLS®".

The following notice will show up. Now you have to click on "Convert to my Own" and you are done!

This instruction fully converts the target listing to your OWN listing, and you are responsible for marking it SOLD, or hiding it if needed. Please refer our guide on the differences between MLS® reciprocity listings and OWN listings. You should simply feature another agent's listing as a featured listing rather than import as your own if you are not the buyers' agent in a successful transaction.