How To 

Upload a Photo to the a Listing Gallery

Adding your professionally-captured Listing photos to a Listing in your Brixwork website is fast and easy. your photos will look crisp, without losing any quality! Also please note that you can only add photos to Listings marked as your own.

1. To upload photos to a listing's photo gallery on your site, start by going to the "Manage Listings" tab at the left bar of the back-end site.


2. Click on "Edit" in the Listing you want to add the pictures to.


3. Select "Photos" option located beside "Details" option. 


4.  Here, select or drag and drop the pictures you want to add. (There is no limit to how many pictures you upload. But be aware of the loading time depends on your internet speed.)

Your photos are going to appear in the Listing's gallery. Add a photo title (optional) and you are done!

How To 

Name and Rearrange Photos in the Gallery

Rearranging the Listing Gallery is very simple. You only have to drag the "preview" of each picture and drop it to the position you want. This will be auto saved once you are done!

To rename pictures: enter a title for each photo in the box next to the preview, click "Save Listing" and that's it!