Social Media is an incredible powerful tool for any Real Estate professionals! If you are constantly updating your Social Media accounts, that also serve as your social media accounts for your overall brand- good for you! Real Estate professionals or anyone company or brand can't ignore what Social Media is bringing to the table.

All of our templates are able to share any listing on Social Media sites quite easy, even having custom buttons to share! 

In this solution, however, we will explore alternatives on how to share your listings and/or pages on three main Social Media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Sharing any page or listing on Facebook is fast and easy. Simply copy-paste the URL of the page or Listing you want to share in your profile or business page. You will see that the page gets a preview before posting. You can also share any verbiage you wish!

    Copy the URL of Listing from your browser

Paste the URL into your new Facebook post

Aaand ... Posted!

Once it's posted you will be able to see the top image attached to the specific page.! If Facebook is not showing the picture you want please read this related guide - If Facebook Doesn't Show the Image You Want to Share


For Instagram it is not as easy as to copy paste a link, however, it is quite easy to share the same pictures you have for your Listing or Pages, then link your website to your profile page! If you want to get something branded, or according to your brand design and style, we are able to design posts or custom templates that you can post on your Instagram! Just check out this beauty we made for Bilash and Charron!


As for Twitter, it is quite easy to share Listings or pages, just like on Facebook! Copy and paste the URL of the page and add some verbiage. You can even add a picture featured in your Listing/page or a GIF.

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