Twitter has recently changed its API data access methods. Long story short, our previous method of directly pulling in your tweets, and having them formatted exactly to your site, is no longer available until further notice. This is unfortunately out of our control. 

We did find alternative ways to get your Twitter feed in, and that is by using Twitter's own widget embedding method. To do this, however, there is one or two extra steps involved. 

Create Your Twitter Widget

First visit this page:

Click the button "Create New" in order to start a new widget.

Depending on where your Twitter widget is placed on your website, choose either the dark or light theme.

If you need the colour code for the link, please email our support team and we will supply you with the colour code needed.

We also recommend checking ON both the "Exclude replies" and "Auto-expand photos". This will keep the feed more pure to your own tweets and excluding potentially unprofessional tweets from other users, and also help keep users on your page longer without getting distracted.

Once all settings are set up, click on "Save Changes"

Then look to the right, and there will be a block of code. Keep this screen open, or copy this code to a safe place.

Enter The Code Into BRIXWORK Back-End

You will have to copy the whole thing into your BRIXWORK Real Estate Website's SETTINGS tab, under the option titled twitter_widget. Go to the SETTINGS tab first, and look for twitter_widget on your screen. If you don't see this, please submit a trouble ticket and we'll sort it out. 


If your website was set up before June 11th 2013, our tech support team has to perform additional changes to your website code. This is done by request, and you must submit a trouble ticket here.