Brixwork offers a custom created Instagram widget to customers who request such feature. You can request it via our support channel (Installation fee for the default Instagram widget is $40 for half-hour labour). 

There are some steps required to enable the Instagram widget on your website after we install the module. Before these steps are taken, you will see a default account that belongs to Jeff Kee, our CEO, when it is first activated. 

To change this widget to feed your own Instagram photos, take the following steps:

1. Log in to your Brixwork website back-end, and leave that browser window/tab open.

2. Then visit this url to get the Token:

3. Go through the steps outlined to log into Instagram, then get the access code.

4. Follow this link and type in your Instagram username to get your User ID:

5. Go back to the Brixwork backend tab, go to SETTINGS, then select the SOCIAL SETTINGS tab. Scroll down to the Instagram section, and copy-paste your Token and User ID in the appropriate fields.

6. Don't forget to click on "Save & Next" underneath to save your changes !