Attention: The following information only applies if you are subscribed to our MLS® feed. Currently this function is NOT available for Toronto clients (As per TREB restrictions).

Once your website coding is done and we input your Agent ID into the site's backend, our system can pull the active MLS® Listings under your Agent ID into your website. 

This is only available if you are subscribed to the MLS® Feed in Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island or Edmonton. This auto transfer doesn't work for Toronto clients.  

You are able to distinguish the kind of listing on your backend by the colour of its background. Green are "Active", Blur are "Hidden", Red are "Sold", while blue is for another Realtor®'s listing (Reciprocity Listing).

As you can see in the previous picture, you are able to edit the listings that are marked as your own. You are then able to edit your own listings after they have been imported. You are also able to input a listing without an MLS® number. Click here to learn how.

Important: Listings from cities that are not featured/enabled on your website won't auto-import. Please make sure all of your listing's cities are enabled in the backend. Learn how to enable cities in your backend.

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