In this article we will show you how to convert an MLS® as your own. This can be done in two different ways. Both are very easy!

First Option:

#1 Go to your Home page:

#2 Here you can search listings by their MLS® #. Just type in the # of the listing you want to convert. Then click on "Search".

#3 The listing will show up. On the right side there is a blue button entitled "Mark as Own". Click that one and you are done!

OR you can do it from the Listings Section:

Second Option:

#1 Click on "Listings" under the tab "Manage Listings" in the dropdown menu.

#2 Here you "Add a New Listing".

You are shown two options for adding a listing. Either do it manually for which you should read the following support article:

Or to convert an MLS® listing.

Type in the MLS® #. Then click on "Scan MLS®".

The following notice will show up. Now you have to click on "Convert to my Own" and you are done!