You can have your own listings displayed on your website as well as MLS® listings. They show up in different colours
(MLS® reciprocity listings in blue and your own listings in green or red) :

If you are subscribed to the MLS® feed option, you automatically get all the listings from your local real estate board imported to your site.

Attention: The following information only applies if you are subscribed to our MLS® feed. Currently, this function is NOT available for Toronto clients (As per TREB restrictions).

MLS® Reciprocity 3rd Party Listings from Other Agents/Offices

While most real estate boards allow you to advertise anybody else's listings, here are some facts to remember:

  • Because it's someone else's listing, most boards require a disclaimer as such ("Listed by RE/MAX Masters" etc.) 
  • You cannot modify the data from the MLS® feed, unlike your OWN listings that you may override with more robust data & photos. 
  • When the listing is removed from the MLS® it will automatically be deleted from your website. 3rd party website providers such as Brixwork do not get any information on whether the listing was sold/expired/cancelled, and we are required by agreement with the real estate boards to delete those listings within a certain timeframe.

However, the MLS® systems often have restrictions on:

  • the length of the description
  • the number and quality/size of photos you can attach is resctricted
  • embedded video tours, or PDF floorplan attachments are not available

Your OWN Listings

When you have a property that you are personally listing, you definitely want to provide more details without such restrictions.

When you enter your back-end, and click on the "MANAGE LISTINGS" tab on the top menu, all the listings that are shown there are your own listings (green: featured , red: already sold)

You cannot edit or delete MLS® listings that are displayed via reciprocity, but you can import & convert an MLS® reciprocity listing as your own listing, then continue to edit. Alternatively, you can put up the listing on the website manually before it even hits the MLS®, and get a head start - before all the other agents with reciprocity-enabled websites display the same listing as well.

When you hit the "Add" button on this screen to custom create a new listing, you are creating your own, over which you have complete control. This means unlimited descriptions, images, PDF floor plan attachments, and video tours can be linked to your listing.

  • Your OWN listings, once marked as such, will not be controlled by the MLS® feed anymore (only price auto-updates if there is a change). From this point on, you the Realtor® are responsible for its content, photos, and active/sold status on your own website.
  • If you represented the buyer in a transaction, you want to import that listing as your OWN listing as soon as possible, before it is removed from our MLS® feed. 

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