If for some reason you lose track of who you bought your domain from, there are several ways to find out who the registrar is - whether it was Godaddy, Namecheap, or any other common domain provider, it's a good idea to keep track of this to avoid domain expiration, which can be a costly mistake. 

Please note that domain ownership & management are NOT services that Brixwork provides. We  provide websites on a subscription basis and assist in connecting your domain to our websites. Please ensure to keep up your billing/payment recent with your registrar to ensure there is no interruption to your website. An expired domain will result in your website & email being unreachable. 

Email History Search (the easiest way)

If you purchased a domain from any domain registrar, you will have received an email confirming the order, as well as the invoice/receipts. Domains renew annually, so you must have an email from them within the past year (unless the domain is long expired). Please refer to our article on best domain & email management practices - while we offer basic advice, these are outside the scope of Brixwork's website services. 

Who.is lookup of your domain

There are several domain status checker services that will tell you who your domain is registered with. This is a slightly less reliable method, as many domain resellers register through a wholesale provider, masking their names from these public look-up records (like a property title registered under a shell corporation). Some wholesale domain providers will allow you to look up the retailer. 

Please note that we do not offer any assistance or tech support regarding domain track-down, renewal, or handling expired domains. Domains are your intellectual property, and the relationship is strictly between you and the registrar, and Brixwork has no power/authority to handle those issues to begin with.

Common WhoIS look up providers:

  1. https://who.is/ 
  2. https://mxtoolbox.com/Whois.aspx
  3. https://www.domain.com/whois/whois  

In the following sample you will see that Brixwork.com is registered with Namecheap.com.