The most common mistakes when it comes to domains:

  • Owning the domain through the domain email itself (i.e. owning with ownership through - if the domain is expired or broken, there's no way to troubleshoot or receive emails since the entire email will most likely also crash)
  • Letting it expire due to lack of communication with the registrar - register under an old email and then forgetting about it.

Best Practices

  • Own the domain through an independent 3rd party email such as, or - an email you will always have access to no matter what happens to the domain. 
  • Always keep all domains under one registrar (such as or - the more providers, the more confusing it can get). 
  • Keep your login information safe, and always use the same email as mentioned above. If you misplace your password, at least you can reset it by email verification. 
  • Check your domain records regularly, and even after getting your new email set up under your domain (such as check your registration email frequently enough (we have a separate @gmail under which all domains are owned). 

We have an in-depth article on this issue on this blog article on