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Similar to How to improve the SEO for your Content pages, to enhance the SEO of a certain page and your overall website, you must keep in mind 4 unique elements on the backend. Those four elements are the key to better SEO. Keep them in mind and work with them continuously, they will improve position when appearing in Google search results. 


#1 - Headings and Subheadings

A Heading/ Subheading is the title that tops a section of a written work. They are normally distinguishable as they tend to be in a font that is bigger and bolder than the normal paragraph.

Headings and subheadings are of great help to keep a text organized, and Google likes this. Adding them to label the information you are offering will attract Google and guide its “eyes” to know which section of the text you are offering is more critical.

Eye-catching headers are critical. You can retain visitors’ attention and interest for longer periods with a clever yet simple statement. 

Make sure to make your headers not only straightforward and informative- but also make sure they contain the keywords you want to push your listing for! What are some good words that will catch your selected public’s interest? 

Which side seems easier to read?

Which side looks easier to read? Left? Right? (Answer: Right side.)

#2 - Improve your Meta Titles

Meta Titles are the invisible titles within your page that are used to gain more visibility in search engines. It is important that the meta title contains from 0 to 50 words and it should include the unique or relevant/important keywords you want this listing to be noticed for. For example- you may want to add the city a certain Listing is on. Or maybe the type of unit it is.


#3 - Improve your Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are a summary of the page's content and they shouldn’t be longer than 157 characters. The meta description is used by search engines to describe the web page in the search results. This small text is critical to get the attention of visitors, so be careful choosing the words!

Google likes Meta Descriptions!


#4 - URL slug

Regarding SEO, optimizing the URL is one of the most important things to help the Google search engines and your market to find your particular listing. The URL slug is the small part added at the end of the URL and should contain the most relevant keywords of your specific page. For better comprehension and visibility in the search engine, it is recommended to have a short URL slug.

To learn how to change or modify the past elements on your website or a specific listing, check out our guide on How to set up Meta Title, Meta Description and Custom URL Slug on Listings!

Catches your eye, doesn’t it?

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