Please note that only websites built on the newer templates will have the option to edit their blocks using subpages. 

If you can't seem to edit your site, reach out to us via email to

There are different types of custom blocks

#1 - First identify which block you wish to change on the front end, the block header will correspond with the name of the subpage in the back end. Be sure to make note of which page it appears on. 

#2 - Once you've decided what you want to change on the front end, start by logging in to the backend of your website. In the left corner, click on "Edit Pages", and then click "Content Pages". Expand the page that features the block you want to edit, in this case the block is on the "Meet Natalie" About Page. The page names in the back end should match what is displayed in the header and/or dropdown menu. 

You can also change photos at this stage as well, once you have identified the bloc

Find the section you want to make changes to and hit "Edit"

#3 - From this main page you can change the content (if any) in the block as well as what the header will display on the front end of the site. Be mindful to the length when adding or changing content, the text box might have a set size on the front end and could cause a break in the design.

#4 -  If your block has personal statistics you can change you will be able to find them in the "Page Content" in "Custom Fields" section. When you scroll down you should see each statistic broken down in its own section.  Here you can only change the numbers displayed, not the description or text on the front end. 

#5 - Once you have made your changes make sure to hit the "Update This Page" button so save your work. You should now be able to see your changes on the front end! If you can't see them you might need to do a hard refresh of your screen. Your computer could be displaying old data from the Cache. 

To do a hard refresh you can hit these keys:
On a Mac: shift + command + R
On a PC: ctrl + shift + R

Take a look at the page we sampled in this article: