It is important to note that Community Info pages are a customized upgrade and not something that comes with templated websites. 

You can explore the benefits a Communities page could have for your site here.

Follow this link for help on adding a Community Page/Subpage

After you have created a city subpage, it is simple to adjust the map that will appear on the page.

  • from the left menu click on "Manage Cities"

Set the Map Location 

1. You can adjust the map location for both the City and Subarea. This has to be done separately under their respective "Edit" buttons. You can find Subareas when you expand the City with the " + " to the left.

2. Once the city/subarea is open hit "Find Address" and it will pinpoint the city area based on Google Maps coordinates. These might not always be correct, or the area of the city you want to feature. 

  • To adjust you can zoom in and out using the buttons on the bottom right of the map
  • Click and drag to move the map back and forth

Don't forget to save your changes by hitting the "Update This Area" at the bottom of the screen

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