It is important to note that Community pages are a customized upgrade and not something that comes with templated websites. 

You can explore the benefits a Communities page could have for your site here.

In order to add a "Community" to your page it must be active in the "Manage Cities" page in the left menu.

Add Cities by choosing "Published" from the Hidden/Published dropdown menu on the right. 

Opening the " " beside each city gives you the option to remove subareas within that selected city.

Add a City/Subarea by creating a subpage under the "Communities" main page. 

On your Content Pages under "Edit Pages" screen, click " + Add Subpage"

Under the "Page Content" tab choose your city from the drop down menu, subarea can also be selected here on the right side of the menu.

  1. Fill in the Title of the Page as well as the Menu Label, these will not auto-populate.

On "Page Content" section, this is where you will fill out your neighbourhood/city description in the text box.

Optional: some pages can show a short introduction to your community, which gives your clients an idea of the area if they're not familiar without needing to open every page. This text box is below the main content box on your edit screen.

Example: Ken Stef Community Pages -

Don't forget to save your changes, hit "Add Page" at the bottom of the screen

Additional Help:

How to: Set the Location of Maps for City/Area Pages

                Add Subareas and Neighbourhoods

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