Are you trying to find the MLS # to convert/feature it on your website and can't seem to find it? 

Read through these steps to see why this might be:

1. Is it still active? Most real estate boards do not disclose sold listings, and any listing that is no longer active (whether it's sold, expired or cancelled) are to be removed from our reciprocity pool as per 3rd party data license agreements. We are prohibited from keeping data beyond the permissible timeframe of 24 hours. 

2. Is that listing permitted on the public reciprocity pool? Some agents, or brokerages, can opt-out of reciprocity, or only have partial reciprocity with a limited pool of brokerages/agents. Just because the listing is available on public vendor sites such as,, doesn't mean it is permitted to be advertised on other agents' websites. Please check individual listings first. 

3. Was it already imported? If you have the Agent ID-based import enabled, it may already be on your site in which case you can move forward with further customizing the listing description, upload better & more photos, attach virtual & video tours!