* Only custom-designed pages on Brixwork sites enable videos. Unlike listing detail pages, it is not enabled everywhere by default. Additional charges may apply to enable this. There are different instructions on how showcase a home/listing tour video (mostly youtube) on a specific listings.

Our system allows clients to easily update these videos at any time.

Specific pages will be setup for either Youtube or Vimeo (but rarely both) during the custom design stages, so please ensure you replace videos on the same platform.

For a video on a page to work, the following conditions need to be met:

  • The page must have been custom designed to have a video slot built in. not all pages have this built. 
  • The Youtube or Vimeo video needs to be set to allow embedding on external pages. 
  • The Youtube or Vimeo video viewing permissions be set to public. We cannot provide tech support for this part - please consult your video provider Youtube's Support, or Vimeo's Support

#1 - Under the "Manage Pages" dropdown select "Content Pages" on your website back-end (yourdomain.com/admin).

#2 - Click on "Edit" for the page or the subpage you wish to update the video for. You can learn more about navigating to and managing subpages here

#3 - Click "Attachments" tab.

#4 - Copy - Paste the Video URL!

Depending on where your video is hosted, go to the "Youtube Video" or "Vimeo Video" tab. Now you can copy-paste the video URL, and click on the "Link" button to Link The Video.

#5 - Verify the embed below, and refresh the front-end page!

Verify the video preview frame is below the field. And open the webpage where you expect to see the video, and do a hard-refresh (CTRL + SHIFT + R or CMD + SHIFT + R)!