Got a brand new testimonial and want to add it to your website? See how to add any testimonials you'd like, anytime!

1 - First of all, you must where is your testimonial page or subpage. For example, your testimonials may be on your "About" Page. You may also have a completely separate page for testimonials. 

Sample 1

Sample 1 (Left side) shows testimonials on the About page. Sample 2 (Right side) shows testimonials on a completely separate page.

2 - Once you know where your testimonials are on your website, you will be easily able to locate them in your backend. 

If your testimonials are like Sample 1 - in the About Page. Expand the About page sections. 

If your testimonials are like Sample 2 - on their own separate page, you will find them in the backend as a main page, among the other main pages.

3 - You will see a button next to the page's title called "+Add Subpage" - click it to add a new subpage.

Add a new subpage for each testimonial. The title should be the name of the person giving the testimonial. Then the text body/page content should be the testimonial.

4 - Once you finish adding the text, click on "Add Page" at the bottom. This should save your new testimonial and add it to your testimonial list!