If your website currently has MLS® Reciprocity, congratulations! Your SEO is being improved by the thousands of Listings full of keywords coming directly from the MLS®. This article will explore the consequences that come from disabling the reciprocity on your website if you already had it.

With MLS® Reciprocity & Key Cities Featured

Visualizing the effects of enabling MLS® to let more pages become discovered

Visualizing the effects of enabling the MLS® to increase the number of pages with keywords Google™️ discovers

Without MLS®️ Reciprocity Enabled

  • Google™️ only sees a handful (a few dozen at most, in many cases even less!) pages on your website. 
  • Your customers cannot see your niche areas, let alone look for new listings or open houses coming up. 
  • Visitors/Potential Customers may not spend much time on your site as there are not many pages that they may be interested in, without the MLS® listings, your own listings may be very limited for what visitors may want to see on a Real Estate website.

What happens if you remove the MLS® Reciprocity from a site that has it

  • Your domain will suffer about 99% of content loss in the eyes of Google™️. All the listings with keywords related to your business will be gone with the MLS®, taking a heavy toll on your site's ranking.
  • All future active/sold listings of your own must be manually entered from scratch (As you cannot auto-import from MLS® number), rather than enhanced after import. 
  • The listing subpages that denote your niche areas will also be removed from customers' eyes - which can take away from the impression you were a go-to website for every Real Estate need. 
  • Unless you are a specialized/veteran agent with decades worth of listings to show, your website will be content-poor, which directly affects how Google™ and most Search Engines rank your site. 

In conclusion, MLS® reciprocity is an excellent tool to increase your site's ranking and elevate your brand in the eyes of visitors/potential customers. The advantages the system brings far outweigh the investment, and the consequences of removing it can be devastating to a site's ranking- therefore recommend strongly against removing it. 

* These numbers assume that you have 30 or less active/sold listings of your own, and you have Vancouver West, East Vancouver, Burnaby North, Burnaby East, Burnaby South listings displayed on your website. As of 2019-10, there are X, XXX listings across these 5 cities. Individual numbers may vary slightly.