Do your Listings have a custom gallery or a photography collage to highlight some of the best pictures for it? For these top images, you can choose which specific pictures you want to feature in the collage.

To learn more about the advantages of having a Custom Listing galleries or Listing Details Galleries and how to get them read

Here are a few examples of a custom listing gallery/collage - where the pictures have been carefully chosen. 

If you don't input the specific pictures you want to feature in your custom gallery or collage, the pictures featured will be taken from the listing gallery - according to its order. Therefore, if you don't specifically upload pictures for this custom section, you may end up with 3 pictures of the same room in a slightly different angle. 

This defeats the purpose of a collage custom listing gallery - which is that by a single glance you can show the most attractive parts of the property, you are displaying the same room (or ) over and over again (Not a very good look when you are trying to market a property!).

An impressive property! But the pictures barely show the inside. What if a picture of the living room made the right buyer see it? First impressions are very important! 

It is quite simple to load the top pictures for your custom gallery. Follow these steps.

1.- Go to your backend. There go to "Manage Listings" and find the Listing you want to add the top pictures to and click "Edit".

2.- Click on "Photos" tab. Once in the Photos page you will be able to see fields with self describing titles. 

3.- Load the pictures you want on each section. Remember to crop them to the dimensions the platform recommends.


4.- With this you are done and should see the pictures on their designated place!

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