If you have a heavily customized site, it is very likely that the content pages section on your backend will be a bit more busy and different than usual. However, the way to manage it is just the same as any other regular page.

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Please note...

Finding the field you want to change on a custom page in the backend is very easy, but you have to know what you want to change (Do you want to change an image? Text? A title?) and where it is within the page. For example, take a look at the page below.

This is a "About" page. There is a total of 13 elements in this section of the page (Each highlighted in different colours). Each will have a independent field where it can be modified.

Let's add one more phrase in the paragraph 

"Welcome to Silver Valley Homes..." (highlighted in dark blue) .

1.- This section is under the "Home" page of our website. Once we open that page on the backend, we can see that there are 3 options under "Home". You will notice that the titles give away what is contained on each subpage.

The section we want to modify is before the "Explore Silver Valley" which is a section (button) at the end of the page. Therefore, the section we want to modify must be under "The Best Kept Secret in Maple Ridge".

2.- Once you opened that section, the subpages titles may give away where the section you want to modify is. In this case the titles are also picture-related. Take a look at the pictures at the right side of the page.  (This is also the key to custom images in custom pages!)

3.- I can see that the 2nd picture is the same that has the text I want to change over it. Click on "edit" on this page. Then go to the "Page Content" tab.

4.- There you will see the field "Page Content" and also "Custom Fields" with the titles we want to change. It may be even labelled for easy recognition. In this case the text is in "Page Content":

Change the text for what you want, and click save at the bottom!

And there you go, the changes will be visible right away on your page.

Again, the process of modifying custom content is easy as long as you know what you wanna change and where it is within your page. 

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