Brixwork is happy to provide you with the best service possible! We are a small team, and as a small team, we have specific procedures for everything to maximize efficiency in every job we do- including any changes request you may send us. 

When you send a request to change anything on your website or your print media, it goes like this:

  1. Administrative receives and notes your changes, assigns it to the right department
  2. Visual Draft by designer
  3. Review & revise with client feedback
  4. Approval by the client (yay!)
  5. Convey to Coding Team for Review
  6. Coding team Codes & Tests 
  7. Coding team communicates with Admin, so they inform the client
  8. Admin team to finalize, send the client the payment/invoice & close. 

Those are many steps! And they all take time. So as you can tell, every customization that you give to our team will pass from hand to hand, from team to team. Therefore, you can expect several hours of billable time and requires ample notice to plan & execute. If you send your request separately (one per mail) you will be billed for the time it takes to process each.

Now you may ask -how can you save yourself a few hours of billable changes or make the process more efficient, so you wait less time for results? It is quite simple: take your time to think of your changes and write them all down. Then send us your list!

Creating a clear list that contains all the changes you want us to do to your site or printed media is ideal for us. It allows us to process all your requests at once, tackling them all quickly. This is also of enormous help to us. The less time we have to use to check emails, or organizing a series of tasks sent separately, we have time to work on another job!

Adding a request with separate emails has shown to increase the budget by nearly double. 

If you did the opposite, this is, sending an email per each task will increase the time all of our team has to process these tasks, and therefore, increasing the time you get billed for.

Here are a few more tips to make your request and reviewing with us better and efficient:

  • Think carefully of all the changes you want our team to do for you. Then write them down in either an email or a Google Doc. Then send it to us. 
  • Please review changes on a desktop computer if possible. If you review your changes on a mobile phone, the odds of missed revisions, amendments or typos are higher.

Did you notice something weird after the coding of your site has finished?

Usually, once the coding for a website is done, any change onward will be billable. However, we are aware we may miss something, and if it's an error on our part, we will quickly fix it for you.

Here are a few tips regarding sending change requests after the coding is done:

  • If you think your website looks a bit different from the visual draft - please be aware that slight deviations from the visual draft to the final product are normal in our industry. Every screen, from desktops to mobile phones, is quite different. Please keep this in mind, but if you think there is something off, send us a mail.

  • Make sure you check the mobile and desktop version at the same time before sending any change request. This way you make sure you get all the fix requests in at the same time. If you check only on desktop and find later on mobile that you want to change something, both requests will be billed separately.