FollowupBoss is one of the leading real estate CRMs, and we are proud to offer a FollowupBoss integration at a deep level starting January 2019. 

Once enabled, the FollowupBoss API integration on Brixwork websites will give you the following powers:

  • Once a user submits an email inquiry, it becomes a lead on FollowupBoss. 
  • After that, any other property views from the same device/tablet/smartphone is logged under that lead, to give you a better understanding of the client's needs. 

To enable FollowupBoss Integration, follow these steps:

  1. First, get your API key from FollowupBoss.
  2. Log into your Brixwork website back-end, 
  3. And visit the SETTINGS tab. 
  4. Go to the CONTACT tab. 
  5. Set the "FollowupBoss API" option to "YES", and enter the API Key. 
  6. SAVE