Mapping Tool

If you have a "Communities" or "Neighbourhoods" section, you may have a customized section in each neighbourhood page where you showcase the geographical area on a Google Map. Just like in the following screenshot.

Usually, those coordinates for a specific neighbourhood are input by our clients on their websites. Who would know better than a REALTOR who has seen each corner of a neighbourhood to delimit their area of expertize?

How to draw a Map for a Neighbourhood page

We have a simple tool that allows REALTORS to create their coordinates for neighbourhoods on their website.  Please follow these steps to successfully input a drawn map for a customized area/neighbourhood on your website

1. Go to your backend and click on the “Manage Listings" tab,  select the “Cities" option and follow the next few steps.

2. Click on the "Edit" button on the Area/Neighbourhood you want to create a map for

3. Once you are on the Editing page for your Neighbourhood, click on the text "Use this Map Drawing Tool," which will redirect you to a new page

4. The page you will land on is a simple tool to draw coordinates on a Google map. First, you will have to change the settings. Make sure the two fields at the top say "Polygon" and "JavaScript."

5. Now, drag the map to the country and area you will be drawing in. Get to a zoom that is comfortable for what you will draw!


6. Once you are in the area you are drawing in; you will click on the map to "draw" the first coordinate. Then, click again to "draw" the second coordinate. A line will connect those two points. Once you have 3+ points, they will form a shape, according to the points you marked.

First point



Five Points

7. This initial shape is your "Draft." Now, if needed, you can edit it by clicking on "Edit Lines," which will change how the lines appear, and it will let you move the points. It should look like below. You should be able to drag then and edit the points as you please.

8. Once you are happy with the shape you got, copy paste the coordinates on the text box, into your Neighbourhood text box. Click on "Update this Area," and your map drawing should be successfully loaded into your website! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you click on "Update this Subarea" on your backend, the coordinates won't appear on your backend anymore. We recommend you back up those coordinates on a personal document on your computer before you exit the coordinates tool.