AKA What is this? Should I worry about this?

So your BRIXWORK Website has one of your blog entries pinned somewhere on the homepage. Or on the About page. Or anywhere else. And that is a great way to give more exposure to what you are writing! And it may just look like this:

However, you don't want the text to look like that. Maybe sometimes you just want to show a tiny bit of the content the blog has. Maybe you want to show all of it. Whatever is the case, the way your blog appears by default is not satisfying to your needs.

This can be easily changed in your Wordpress Blog Backend, with the Tool called Excerpt.

Be aware: putting too much content may break the design of your blog! Be careful with it, and remember, Less is More.

How to 

Modify your Blog Excerpt

Hint: Log-In to your Wordpress Blog Backend!

1. Once you are on your Wordpress Backend select to Edit the pinned entry you want to change. 

2. Go to the "Excerpt" tool section 

3. Input what you want to be previewed on different pages where the blog appears

4. Don't forget to click on the Update button! Voila! Your Excerpt will show up on the pages where your blog is highlighted