AKA What? Why should I care about this

There are three crucial elements you may want to work on to have a higher position when appearing in Google search results. 

  • Meta titles

This is the title that shows up on search results as titles, and is an important measure for Google to find out what the site is all about - it's critical to include good keywords here without going over the character limit. 

  • Meta description

Is a summary of the page's content - while the contents of this description do not affect the site's ranking, this description is visible on search results, so it can affect the clickthrough rate. Make sure it's enticing, descriptive, and attractive. 

  • URL slug

The URL slug is the descriptive last few characters in the URL. Google does take into consideration what words are in this. A well-written & descriptive slug can also help identify the contents of the page when it's emailed or copy-pasted into other webpages/documents. 

How To 

Edit Meta Title, Meta Description, and Custom URL Slug to a Listing.

Hint: (go to your Backend!)

To optimize your listings pages you must go to your backend and click on “Manage Listings" tab,  select the “Listings" option and follow the next few steps.

1. Once you have found the listing you want to enhance, you must click on the Edit option.

2. From the Editing page, click on the SEO tab.

3. Once you click the SEO option you can fill the Meta Title, URL Slug, and Meta Description fields. Do not forget to click on Update This Listing once you are done to save the changes.