Main Building Pic

The picture that will appear at the top of your selected building page.

Note: If a Main Building Pic is not set, it will default to the 1st image in the photo gallery of the building. If there is no image in the photo gallery, then it will default to your placeholder "Photos Coming Soon" image.

Building Gallery

The picture that will appear when the building is listed anywhere (eg. "Buildings page", "All Buildings", "Presales...)

How to edit these elements

1. Go to your backend and click on the “Manage Building" tab,  and follow the next few steps.

2. Once you have found the building you want to add the picture to, you must click on the Edit option.

3. And from there select the Photos tab.  Select or Drag the picture you want to add to either the Main Picture or the Gallery Picture field. (You can also simply drag a picture into the rectangle!)

4. Finally, once the picture is uploaded you must crop it by clicking on Crop (make sure the cropping area has selected the best of the picture!)

5. And from there click on go Save Building.