1. The greatest advantage is the following:

If you put up a listing manually, your own website will be the first and only one to have it... for 24 to 48 hours. Then it gets public on MLS® so that other agents gain access to the data of that listing.

You have to use these hours and make sure you share the listing and its data on social media. Because by doing so, Google will consider your website to be the first one to have it. 

And that is an enormous advantage! Since your domain will now be a top result for that specific listing in the clients' search on the Internet.

2. Moreover, customers can see a listing only on your website before it is published on MLS®, which makes more people visit your domain. Great publicity for you!

3. Another good thing about your own listings is that you can enter Open House Dates and other remarks like "Just Listed" or "Coming Soon" for them. You cannot do that for MLS® ones.

To learn how to upload a listing manually, click here