Once you have created a link (or if you're super savvy, as you are creating a link) in your page content, you can format it to open in a new window or tab on your user's browser.

This way, they do not lose the page they are already on and they can look at both pages separately!

How do you do that? 

If you do not yet know how to create a link, start by reading this how to article.

Once you have mastered that, right click on your new link or select it and click the link button.  

In the drop down menu, click on "Insert/Edit Link." This box will appear. It is the same as the one you used to create the link.

Now, there is a "Open link in.." section. Right now it says "Current window".

We want to change that.

Select "New window" instead.

Once you have done that, click "Save" on the bottom left of your box and you are done!