If you have read Insert an Image into the Content on Your Page and know how to get your photo into the content of your page but want to put space around your image, here is what to do.

Open up your "Insert/Edit Image" tool box, via the landscape button. 

Then switch tabs to "Appearance" so that you are here.

Here you can change your alignment as is shown in: 
Align Your Image in "Page Content" to the Left, Right or Centre

To create a space around your image so that the text isn't right up against it, enter a number in the "Vertical Space" and "Horizontal Space." The number that we use most is 10. So start with that and adjust from there. 

The two numbers do NOT have to be the same.

Here is an example of what it will look like in the tool box.

In the example box on the right of the tab (with the little tree and text) you can see how it will look when you have clicked "Insert." This way you can get an idea before closing out of the photo editing tool.

If you do not like the change you made and you have clicked "Insert", all you need to do is right click on the image and then click on the same little tree icon. This box will open right back up.