How to Copy-Paste from Microsoft Word into your Page

Sometimes you don't want any formatting when you paste text from somewhere else into your Page. For example, you want to copy information from your last Web site into your new Home page new. When you paste the Web page content, you don't want the formatting that the Web site used for headings, fonts, or hyperlinks. 

One solution is to paste the text into a file in Notepad, and then copy the text from Notepad and paste the result into Word. But fortunately there is a much easier way.

Copy-Pasting the Information

Sometimes when you copy-paste text into your page content, the formatting gets all warped, particularly when you copy-paste from a PDF. To Clear the formatting follow the next steps:
#1. Select the text that you wish to copy. Then hold down the "command" key and the "C" key at the same time to copy it or just use the right click from your mouse and use the Copy option.

#2. Go to your page with the content box.

#3. On your tool bar you have a button (inside the red square) for clearing the formatting. Select the text that you already copied and click the button.

Now your content has been reformatted for this page. From there you can adjust headings (#3-6 preferably) as well as utilize bold/italic etc, in a web friendly format.