A "top" or "main" image is the biggest image for a certain section. According to the section, the top image may be a different size. The top image for a main page is usually at the top of the page (As pictured below).

Example of Top or Main image on a Main content page

The main image for a subpage is slightly smaller and aligned to that section. A fantastic, high-quality picture can increase the interest of visitors! Our templates usually have a top image for every main page.

Example of main images on 2 subsections of a marketing page

How you can update the top Image of any Page (or subsection!)

1- Log into your admin panel, go to the Pages section and click "Content Pages".


2-Find the page or subsection that you wish to upload the picture (for example, Home), then click the "Images" button.


3- Select or Drag your pictures to the square section, and let them load


4-Select the area of the picture you want to feature and click on "Crop to Selection". Wait until your picture is done cropping, then you are done!