Link & Resources Management

How to Manage your Links and Resources:

#1. Start logging in to your backend. On the top of the menu bar, click on "Pages", then on"Links & Resources". 

#2. You will find the list of all your resources grouped by category. To enter information for a whole category, click on the yellow "Edit" button on the right.

To enter Information for one of the resources listed under a category, first click the + to show all your resources, then click the "Edit" button next to a resource.

How to add a resource using Community category as an Example:

#3. When you get into this page, fill the information that you want about the resource (Company, URL, Phone number etc). 

Make sure that you have at least the company name, the URL to its website and a phone number.

#4. Once you finish, click "Save" at the bottom. Repeat the process with each category that you want to add.