Things to do:


  • Click on the "Add Media" button on the top left corner above the text edit field


  • Make sure you're in the "Upload Files" tab in the top-left corner
  • click on "Select Files" and choose the picture you would like to insert



  • In "Attachment Details" on the right, you can edit the title of your picture, add a caption and a description
  • In "Attachment Display Settings" just underneath, you can select the alignment and size of your picture
  • Make sure the pictures you want in the post are SELECTED (They have a blue mark and a blue square surrounds them).
  • Click "Insert into post" at the bottom. Please be aware -All the pictures you select will be inserted right at the point where your cursor is within the blog. You will have to manually arrange them if you already finished writing your post or add one by one to the correct section!



For further instructions please click here.