To set up a category for your blog articles, start by going to the "Posts" section. Once you click on it, there will be a drop down section that appears entitled: Categories.



Below is an image that highlights the important sections to fill out when creating a new category.


Of course you want a title for your category, however, you can leave the slug line blank, if you wish, and one will be automated based on your category title.

Sometimes, though, it is beneficial to write your own and add key aspects of your category. For example, if your category title is "The Real Estate Market" changing the slug line to "real-estate-market-vancouver" allows for more specificity in the URL. 

You may also add a description of the category to give visitors a sense of what will be included when they are browsing.

The "Parent" section is not highlighted because you do not need to use it unless you would like to create a hierarchy of categories. An example of this would be if you wanted to have a "Real Estate Market" category and under it have "Vancouver Real Estate" and "Edmonton Real Estate." 

THEN you must click "Add New Category" and you are finished!