On the lefthand navigation bar there is one tab entitled "Posts" and one tab entitled "Pages."

On first look, they may seem very similar but their purposes are worlds apart. 

Here is an image of the tabs I am talking about:


One of the key differences is that you will NEVER need to touch "Pages." This is because the pages are administered by BRIXWORK. They are very similar to the pages of your new website in that they will include pages like "About Me" or "Meet Harry."

They are pages that will remain in the same place for your visitors to access.

"Posts" is where you upload your blog articles. These are articles that you post with news and other topics. There will continually be new content that is featured. 


Another key difference between "pages" and "posts" is the ability to put "posts" into categories and tag them. Tagging is a feature where you "tag" words to the article that are relevant and that visitors might search to give them the best chance to find the information that they are seeking.