To add a new user to your Wordpress blog site, such as a writer or an assistant, begin by finding "Users" on the lefthand side of your page. 


Once there find the "Add New" button.


From here you can input all of the new user's information (Username, E-mail, First Name, Last Name, Website, Password).

You are only required to put a Username, Email and Password for your new user. However, adding the user's first and last name, is easy, fast and never a bad thing to have.

For the "Send Password" section of the form, you most likely want to check the box. This way the new user's password will be sent directly to them. 


For "Role" we recommend that a new writer should at least be an Editor, if not an Administrator. To pick one of these options, click on the box and a drop down menu will appear.


Now that you have put in all of the required information about your new user, click "Add New User" and you are done!