Not sure how to get to your Blog/Wordpress login page? 

Learn how to do it - Log in to your Wordpress Account

1.- Enter your username, or the email address you used, and your password, then click on "Log In".


2.- Once you're in, you can directly create a new post by clicking on the "+ New" button at the top, or click on "Posts" on the left.


3.- If you clicked on "posts" on the left, you will have on overview of all your articles and their statuses. To create a new article, click on "Add New".


4.- Now you can choose a title for your new post and write the content underneath.


5.- These tools will help you write your post. Add pictures, change the colour of your text, link to another website, create paragraphs and headlines, etc.

You will find below a small introduction to the essential tools.


You probably know these three tools, they are used to make your text bold, in italic, or underlined.


With this tool, you can change the colour of your text. Just click and choose the colour of your choice.


Align your text to the left, centre, right or justify it.


Add different headings to your article to make it more easy to read.


Make bulleted or numbered lists in one click with these two buttons.


"Add Media" allows you to incorporate a picture, video or music from your files or directly from the internet if you have the link ready.


Link a word of your post to a URL with the first button. Use the second button if you want to remove a link from your post.


Don't forget to save what you just wrote by clicking on "Save Draft" to your right.


You can also have an idea of what your post currently looks like with "Preview".

Click on "Move to Trash" to delete your article.

Click on "Publish" when your post is ready !


Need more instructions ? Click here.