Youtube and Vimeo are the best hosts for video tours for a number of reasons. The most basic of which is their ability to work on all mobile devices. 

How do they do this? Youtube and Vimeo utilize HTML5 standards which allow them to run with or without Flash animation support. This brings the highest level of dependability to you and your business. 

In addition to the accessibility they allow, there is a large number of search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

The way that search engines like Google and Yahoo rank websites to determine the most relevant site to a search query is based on the credibility of the site. How is that determined?

It's like if you asked a friend who the best dentist to go to is and they said that Dr. So-and-so is the best because these six people know him and think he is qualified. Your friend has six references to that doctor. The search engine does the same thing with the number of links you have back to your website.

So if "Bob" has a link to an MLS listing on his webpage and you have an MLS listing on yours with a link to a video on youtube, your page will come up first because there are more links to it.

The more third party webpages that connect back to you, the higher your ranking and the higher the traffic on your webpage. Which, of course, is what you want.

That is the basics of why we only support and HIGHLY recommend Youtube and Vimeo as hosting platforms for your video tours.