If you want to upload a new or different top image for any of your Listings, the process is simple.

If you have a custom website design that can feature 3 or more key images for your listing, you can also use this process! To learn more about custom-designed listing top gallery images read the following article

Top images for custom Listing showcase

1.- Go to your listings via "Manage Listings" tab at the on the left bar of the page in your backend access to your new website.

2.- Click on the "Edit" button on the listing you want to add the main picture.

3. - From Editing page, click on "Photos"tab. 

4.- Select or drag the picture you want for the "Lead/Cover Photos" or the "Cover Photo on Gallery"squares

4.- Select or drag the picture and adjust the size that you want and "Crop". Wait until your picture is done cropping, then you are done!