Our upgraded system allows you to enter rental listings, in addition to for-sale listings. This is a useful feature for Realtors with a niche in property management. 

If you do not handle rental listings often

For agents who generally handle for-sale listings, and have the once-in-a-blue-moon rental listing, installing and enabling this option is not worth the cost, and there is an alternative:

  1. Enter your listing as a regular Manual Entry listing
  2. In the Sale price field, enter the full price info, including denomination, such as "$2,000/mth"
  3. In the Heading field, you can enter an enticing heading such as "2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Yaletown Condo For Rent"
  4. Within the description, you can generate new headings to specify rental-specific features such as the length of term, available date, whether it is furnished or not, whether it allows pets or dogs etc. 
  5. Make sure to post the listing on popular rental search engines such as www.craigslist.org, www.padmapper.com, www.kijiji.com etc., and link back to the full listing detail page - this will improve traffic to your website and give your client's listing a better exposure. 

To Enable the full rental listings option on your website

You must first contact our support team (support@brixwork.com), to enable the Rental option. The rental listings add-on has an additional monthly cost, and there may be an additional setup fee to alter your listing gallery and listing display page formatting, as well as enabling the rental-specific listing search form.

Utilizing Our New Rental Listings Function

Once the rental option is enabled go to "MANAGE LISTINGS" in the backend of your website. Once there, click "Add A New Listing" at the top of the page.

FOR RENTALS, YOU MUST HIT "MANUAL ENTRY". Here is an image of what you should see.

You have the option of adjusting the listing to "For Rent" OR " For Sale" under the "Listing Status" section in "Basic Info" tab. When "Rent / Lease" option is selected, the "Rental" tab will be available to fill the information about rent.

You can also update any details under the "Rental" tab after the New Listing had been added.

Once you are done, do not forget to hit "Save Listing" below.