To manage your building listings, you must go to "BUILDINGS" under the  "MANAGE LISTINGS" tab and search by address first. If you are subscribed to MLS® the building address will automatically generate a building row with address and attached units. If a building is in pre-sale, the MLS® feed will not provide the listing and you will have to manually input it.

1. Feature a Building which is already on the system.

a. Go to the Buildings tab on the backend.


b. Check first if the building you want to add is on the system, entering the address. 


c. A list of buildings will appear underneath. Once you've found the right one, click on the "Feature" button next to it


2. If the building is not found, then you can "Search by Name" and manually enter the building.

a. To manually enter the building you must click "Add Building"


b. In the "Address" tab, complete the info you want.


c. Go to the "Basic info" option and add the description of the building. 


d. After you have finished, just click on "Update this Building" and you are done.