This seems to be one of our most frequently asked questions and the problem could be a number of things. Here is a few of the most common issues:

A. Right domain?
Some clients have reported being on the wrong domain (i.e. pre-launch domain such as [myname] Make sure that once your new website goes live, you use your new domain name.

B. Check the photo file.. is it a legitimate JPG file?
If it is not, then the upload will not be successful. You can either try to convert the photo to a JPG format or take new ones.

C. Sometimes photos taken with the iPhone will be rotated already. 
Re-rotate them to the right position before uploading them. Another way to circumvent this issue is to take photos with a digital camera instead of your phone. This way the orientation of your photos is correct and the quality is likely to be higher.

D. Are you clicking the "Upload Selected Photos" button after selecting the gallery photos?
Here is a link to our article with a detailed explanation of how to upload photos. 

E. Try refreshing the photo gallery upload screen. 

If none of the above solve your photo uploading trouble, please contact us via our email support here.