To enable Google™ Maps® & Google™ Streetview® functionality on your listing pages, you need to set the latitude and longitude values for your listing. This does not apply to listings automatically sourced from the MLS® database through the BRIXWORK™ IDX system. 

When you are editing the home details, (accessed by entering the edit button, or after clicking the "Add A New Listing" button) follow these steps:

  1. Enter the full address of the listing in Location under the Basic Info tab, including the city.

  2. Hit the "Find Address" button, and see if the map automatically finds the geographical location of the listing.


  3. IF it does NOT find the location automatically, manually drag the map so that the target in the centre is right over the street location of your listing.

  4. When the map is centred to the right location (based on the target icon in the middle), make sure you hit the "SAVE LISTING" button at the bottom to save the changes you made.