If your website doesn't have MLS® Reciprocity, or you simply want to add a new listing manually you just need to do the following.

1.-Log into the backend of your website and go to "Manage Listings" tab and click "Listings". The image below illustrates the top of the page.

2.- Click on "Add New Listing".

3.- It will take you to this page, then click "Manual Entry". 

4.- Time to Add the Information

The image below show you the information that you have to complete. For example, on "Basic Info" tab:

1. Add the Listed Price"
2. Click on the "Sale Status"  button and choose one the "Sale Status" (Active, Sold/Rented, Show on Both)
3. Click on the "Rent or Sale" and choose an option if available.

4. Complete the information of your new listing into the boxes shown below. For example, the one labeled "Location".
5. When you finish to complete all the info, click on "Find Address" to add it on Google Map.

5.-Keep going into the rest of the tabs ("Basic Info" "Details" "Dimensions") and fill out the information. 

6.-Add your Listing

When you complete all the information about your listing, click on "Add Listing" and voilà! you are done.