Adding a DKIM record reduces the odds of your emails ending up in your recipients' spam folders. It does not affect the actual routing of the email, and therefore often an optional step, but recommended.

Brixwork always adds the SPF records (the primary step for domain verification to avoid your emails ending up in spam folders) that match your email provider. The DKIM record addition is a more complex step that requires action from the account owner, and is an optional step.  

We can add the DKIM records to your domain records IF your domain's nameservers are pointed to & (which is the case 99% of the time). You can check it here: 

If your domain nameservers are elsewhere, you will have to contact your IT Provider or the domain vendor directly to enter the DKIM records generated. 

Who generates the DKIM records?

DKIM records are provided by the EMAIL PROVIDER (in most cases, Google, or Microsoft Office 365 or Godaddy are other common providers). Please note that Brixwork is a website provider, NOT an email service provider, so we have no access to this - only you do as the account holder.

If you are with G-Suite (formerly known as Google Apps, providing a gmail-like interface for private domain emails), here's how you can retrieve the DKIM records.

For other vendors, please contact their tech support desk via email to get instructions on how to retrieve the DKIM records for your email account. 

Note that this retrieval is something only the email account owner (you, not Brixwork's staff) can do. Think of this as getting a pre-authorized debit form from your bank - you need to get it for us for us to do the rest of processing. 

Once you obtain the DKIM records, please forward it to us via email, and we'll enter those records on our servers - that completes the process of the DKIM record setup to improve email deliverability. 

G-Suite DKIM record generation looks like this: