Your Brixwork website gives your uploaded Listings a default heading. Modifying it to something more specific to the Listing could improve the SEO of this page.  What do we mean by this? It means that it is more likely for potential buyers to look at your this particular listing.

An example of the Default Title/Heading of a Listing page, with a small description stub

How To 

Modify your Listing Header and Description.

Hint: (go to your Backend!)

1. From your Brixwork backend, click on Manage Listings, and then click on Listings

2. On your Listings backend page, look for the listing you want to modify. Then click on the Listing's Edit button.

3. Once you are editing the Listing, click on the "Basic Info" tab. In this page, we will be editing the Heading and the Description text box. 

4.  You can enter a Heading for this Listing's Description, and add more headings on the text box, depending on the length of the text. The primary focus of editing the description should be that it is engaging and easy for visitors to read.

5. Once you are finished, click on Update This Listing!

6. You have successfully modified your Listing Description!