Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track the number of visitors to your website, their behaviour, the source of the traffic and more. This gives you, the real estate agent, a great insight on which parts of the website are getting more attention, and which parts need to be improved. It also gives you an indication of what search queries on Google are bringing you visitors. 

Our BRIXWORK Real Estate Websites come with the ability to easily install the Google Analytics tracking code on your website, and here's how. 

1. Create an account

Visit and under the drop down menu for SIGN IN in select Google Analytics , using your existing email, or use a email - it's up to you, just remember which one you used. It's better to keep all your Google services under one umbrella. For example, even though we have several emails under, we actually use (our old email address from way back) to consolidate all of our Google related services.

After logging in, click the sign up button on the top right of the screen. 

Note: If you are redirected to your accounts page, simply enter  in the address bar of your browser and you will be back on the right page.


Follow the prompts on the Google Analytics setup screen (the options/values to enter are very straight-forward, such as your business name, location & website URL)

Note in the screenshot above, that the top portion is all dedicated to a specific website URL and its properties, while the Account name is simply the name of the account holder. The Account name can be anything like "Jeff's Realty Business", "My Business Sites" etc. It's used strictly internally within the Analytics platform, so don't over-think it. As long as you will know what it is, you're fine. 

Once you have finished filling in your information, click the Get Tracking ID button.

2. Obtain your tracking ID

Once you finish the above sign-up process for the Analytics service, you will be given a tracking code which looks like UA-0000000-1. 


3. Enter it into your BRIXWORK Website back-end

Log into your BRIXWORK Real Estate Website back-end ( and go to the SETTINGS tab. Once you click "5. Tracking Settings" there will be a space where you can enter in your Google Analytics User ID next to the title Google Analytics. Copy and paste in your analytics tracking ID.


If you do NOT see the Google Analytics item available under SETTINGS, please contact the support desk

4. Confirm that your website is sending the data through to Google Analytics

The day after you finish this step, you should log into your Google Analytics account and check the status of the tracking code installed. With the Real-Time reports, you can monitor user activity as it happens. If you see data in these reports, it means that your tracking code is currently collecting data.

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account (
  2. Navigate to a view in the property to which you added the tracking code. If you only recently added the tracking code to this property (website), it is likely that there will only be one view.
  3. Select the Reporting tab.
  4. Select Real-Time > Overview.
Visit your website and you should see the number of sessions increase (as you are visiting the page). If not, please contact our support desk


5. Add Brixwork As A User

After you have finished setting up the analytics and you have checked that it is working, please add as User. Please give us all permissions. 

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
  2. Select the Admin tab and navigate to the desired account/property/view.
  3. In the ACCOUNT, PROPERTY, or VIEW column (depending upon whether you want to add the user at the account, property, or view level), click User Management.
  4. Under Add permissions for, enter
  5. Select all permissions
  6. Select Notify this user by email to send a notification to each user you're adding.
  7. Click Add.