Brixwork is a website solutions provider, not an email solution or contact/calendar cloud provider. The days when the two were intertwined are over, as email is a separate service of its own rather than an added bonus feature that came with every website, like it did in the 90s. This article explains why we don't host emails (and no web provider should) and recommend a verified 3rd party such as Google Apps

Brixwork offers setup (account setup & domain verification) support of G Suite systems for your corporate email. All tech support on your email & devices is up to Google from that point on. You can sign up for G Suite here

Google has been kind enough to offer a 20% discount code for the first year of usage for Brixwork clients. 
  • G Suite Basic Plan: E4NCM6PDGKHG64V
  • G Suite Business Plan: E6FD9LRLA4HMU9J